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With over 30 years experience servicing, installing and solving problems with heating & cooling repair in Indianapolis and appliance repair In Indianapolis, Greenwood and surrounding cities. We also offer expert appliance repair in Greenwood and surrounding cities. Just know you can count on Duncan Home Services to get the job done right. Call now and let us help you solve your problem.

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Why pay more? From a simple repair to  investing in a new heating and cooling system we can help make your experience affordable and budget friendly.

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Whirlpool Appliance Repair

Whirlpool Appliance Repair

Once known as the Upton Machine Company in St Joseph Michigan, Whirlpool manufactured its first electric washer in 1911. Today Whirlpool and it’s subsidiaries is the worlds largest global manufacturer of major household appliances. 

Amana Appliance Repair

 Founded in 1934, Amana was once exclusively a leading commercial walk-in freezer manufacturer. In 1947, Amana then entered the home appliance industry with the introduction of the first upright freezer. Two years later, Amana introduced the side by side refrigerator and freezer. Today, Amana is a leading home appliance manufacturer that builds HVAC equipment as well as many different models for the kitchen and laundry room. 

GE Appliance Repair

Through mergers and acquisitions, GE’s history dates back to Thomas Edison and the light bulb.  In 1907 GE manufactured it’s first kitchen appliance.  Today, GE is one of the 20 largest US corporations and has become a leading global manufacturer of appliances. 

Maytag Appliance Repair

Maytag traces it’s roots back to the late 1800’s when it was known as a premier farm implement manufacturer. As the market for corn husking and shredding equipment is seasonal, in 1907 Maytag began to diversify their products. Maytag entered the appliance industry and introduced its first household appliance , a wooden washer with a hand crank. Today, Maytag is one of the world’s leading appliance manufacturers. 

Kitchenaid Appliance Repair

KitchenAid is an American based home appliance manufacturer. As their name implies, they specialize in kitchen appliances. KitchenAid’s first appliance, the iconic stand mixer, was introduced in 1919. Today, they manufacture most any appliance that can be found in a kitchen. 

Samsung Appliance Repair

From their beginnings in food distribution in the 1930’s, Korean company Samsung appliances has become one of the largest electronics companies globally.Today Samsung manufactures a full line of kitchen and laundry appliances at competitive prices. 

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